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Please do not ask if we will take less for our puppies. This to us is a huge red flag that if you cannot afford the puppy now how will you when they need care in the future. Puppies are like any thing else. You get what you pay for, and quality sometimes is a little higher price. We rather hang onto a puppy for the rest of its life rather than settle/or bargain. 
Why purchase or wait for a puppy from Dayzee Mae Boxers over other Breeders?

First: OUR DOGS ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST OUR FAMILY…..they seriously (and yes our house is a well-loved chaotic mess) all get to be in our home as part of the family. They are all kennel trained so when we are not home they do go in their kennels (they even have their own house, yes house for when they are in their kennels ONLY, heated and air conditioned), otherwise we would probably come home to a disaster with that many running around. However Puppies and momma's ONLY live inside OUR home. 

Second: From the moment our momma's have puppies, We feel like a new parents ourselves again! We lose a lot of sleep; We constantly keep an eye on each and every puppy, and momma. They live in our bedroom for the first 4-5 weeks of their lives with round the clock care if needed. 

Third: We are firm believers in that once you place that deposit on your puppy…..THAT PUPPY IS YOURS! We are only a caretaker of something YOU OWN for 8 weeks. So we send constant pictures, videos, updates, and invite you (if you live close enough) to come out and visit your pup as often as you would like. Now keep in mind, We do have children, so we only ask for a couple day heads up. We also start calling your puppy their name as soon as you tell us what you have chosen. We also will answer ANY questions at any time throughout the 8 weeks of waiting you may have. 

Fourth: Once the puppies are old enough, the puppies (yes ALL OF THEM, even if a 12 puppy litter) become a part of our pack, a part of our family out and about just like the other dogs. The puppies learn great socialization with other dogs, and with our five children that absolutely love and care for the puppies also. 

Fifth: ALL the puppies are started with basic training "puppy training" (bite inhibition, starting house training etc). We also offer follow up training and advice anytime you want/need it at a discounted rate through DMB Four Paws Canine Training Academy. I am a professional certified dog trainer for 20+ years, so I know what it takes to give your puppy the best start possible :)

Lastly: Once your puppy goes home with you our  #`1 goal is to be available should you ever need us!

We have vet references that we have known for 15+ years and have been breedng over 20 years, We have every single owner on my Dayzee Mae Boxers & Balor's Bulldogges Facebook page (which is only for current owners, or owners in waiting) and ALL are willing to answer ANY questions you may ever have, and show off pictures of how their amazing boxers have turned out! 

We truly care about the lives of these puppies, if only in our life for 8 short weeks, they are forever in our heart and on our mind ask anyone!

What does EVERY Dayzee Mae Boxer or Balor's Bulldogge puppy come with when it goes home with its forever family?

Your puppy has dew claws removed, and tail docked
 2,4,6 week dewormings and then 8 week old montly deworming 
8 week old shots/and veterinarian health check
First monthly flea and tick (we use Nexgard)

First heartguard sent home with you to give to puppy a week after going home with you. 

1 year health guarantee

Puppy food to use to slowly switch to what you are going to feed if you are changing food.  

Full AKC or APRI Registration or IOEBA Registration for the Olde English Bulldogges.

A Bag of homemade Boxer & Bulldogge approved treats made by myself and my children. 

ALL puppies come microchipped

​24/7/365 assistance for the rest of the Boxers or OEB's life should you ever need it, for questions.

Discounted Boarding/Doggie Daycare should you need it at $10 a day. 24/7 care with no extra charges for anything. You supply enough food and anything extra you want to bring for your dogs stay, and we provide the love and attention. 

 Discounted training. Dayzee Mae Boxer & Balor's Bulldogge owners receive 25% off alll training costs. Visit our for more information on training packages/training available. 

ALL Boxer Puppies Are Full AKC registration or APRI Registration (we do not limit registration on any puppies) and ALL boxer Puppies are $800 ($300 deposit, $500 at 8 week old pick up). All Olde English Bulldogge Puppies are IOEBA registered (full registration) and $1000 ($300 deposit and $700 at 8 week old pick up)

View Waiting list process page for information on deposit process for upcoming litters!

READ  below as to what comes with a Dayzee Mae Boxer or Balor's Bulldogge Puppy!


NO BOXER PUPPIES AVAILABLE! However am accepting deposits for late fall/winter and spring 2021 puppies. 
(depends on heat cycles/breeding timeframes) View our waiting list page on our waiting list process. 

Please like and follow us on Facebook as we will post updated pictures of your puppies, owners share their boxers/Bulldogges, their experience with Dayzee Mae Boxers, and more!

​***(we do not update on planned litters or available puppies on Facebook, that is done directly to you if you have placed deposit, or on the website if there are puppies available or deposit spots remaining, or future planned litters)*** 
IOEBA registered Olde English Bulldogge Puppies Born 07/04/2020
$1000 ($300 deposit, $700 due at 8 week old pick up). 
View below for pictures and to see what comes with our puppies! If you are interested in one of these beauties and would like to setup a time to come meet them and possibly place deposit if you are interested, then please email us, and in your email please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think you would make a great home for a Balor's Bulldogge Puppy!

Female A is a fawn with black mask. 

Female B is white with patching over one side of her face. Absolutely stunning.