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IOEBA/CKC Registered Olde English Bulldogges
About the Olde English Bulldogge :) :)

The Olde English Bulldogge is a loyal and courageous dog breed with a stable temperament. They get along very well with children and are naturally very protective of them, just like a boxer.

Their normal disposition is happy, out-going, eager to please and trustworthy. They can also play the clown (yep just like a boxer 😝) Super goofy and just plain hilarious.

They wear their hearts on their doggy sleeve so if you tell your Olde English off, expect to be rewarded with a hurtful look on your dog's face...and possibly even be ignored for a while until he's gotten over it!

They have far fewer health problems compared to the English Bulldog so are able to run around and play with children without any breathing issues and they love their family and want to follow them around and be with them all the time.

They absolutely LOVE chewing so they HAVE to have lots of toys to keep them amused and to keep your furniture from being destroyed! But they are also super gentle with their mouths. My boxers will tear up a stuffed toy, but not these guys!

Lifespan is 10-14 years, and they are a very healthy breed overall unlike the English bulldog.

They are stubborn oh and not Boxer stubborn way more than that, but are SUPER SMART and very driven to learn, you just have to put in the effort. Once you do, bam... they got it!!! Super super easy to housebreak! And are EXTREMELY FOOD DRIVEN and play driven which makes training even easier.

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Daddy Balor
Available for Stud 
Stud fee $1000
Retired Momma Miss Lynch


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Date that we will begin accepting deposits to be on the waiting list for the Olde English Bulldogges (or boxers) is still TBD. 

(Miss Lynch is now retired and just focusing on her therapy work). All OEB puppies are $2800 ($500 deposit, remaining $2300 at 8 week old pick up) payment plans available for remaining balance, but deposit due in full to get on waiting list. Example: You place $500 deposit to get on waiting list, you than have until pick up day, to pay remainder. So if you were to pay $500 deposit now to get on future waiting list for 2022, then you have until your puppy's pick up day to pay remainder $2300, it just must be paid in full by pick up day. So you can pay on it as often or as little as you choose.  

Scroll to bottom of page to learn about the OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE :) 

Once you have an Olde English Bulldogge, you will wonder how you 
ever lived without this breed in your life before :) in a very GOOD way!!!

Future Momma Floki-First Litter Will be sometime mid to late 2022