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​***(we do not update on planned litters or available puppies on Facebook, that is done directly to you if you have placed deposit, or on the website if there are puppies available or deposit spots remaining, or future planned litters)*** 


Waiting List/Deposit Process Policy 

Please read all info below: 

1. TO BE PLACED ON WAITING LIST OR TO RESERVE A PUPPY YOU MUST PLACE A DEPOSIT     (I only accept 6 deposits per litter and pick is in order of deposits received). 

**** Please note, if you are looking for a specific sex and/or color, versus a specific litter, then you will be notified when a puppy or puppies become available that fit what you specified you are wanting. so that could be sooner than what you anticipated or longer depending on mother nature***


(example: you are waiting for a future litter, and along comes a puppy now from another family, and you decide to get that puppy, and reach out to see if you can get your deposit back, the answer will be NO, but I will keep you "active" so you can use it in the future. Three years down the road you decide to get another puppy, reach out to us, and get back on a litters list, then your deposit will be applied to that puppy, so no new deposit required). You can choose to forfeit your deposit, and if this is the case, I will send you a forfeiture contract stating that you understand you LOSE your deposit and if you reach out in the future you WILL need to place a new deposit. 

2.Deposits are $200 for Boxers or $300 for Olde English Bulldogges (regardless of litter you are requesting to wait for, if your choice of puppy is not available, for any reason, whether there is not the color/sex you want or there are not puppies available, you will move to next available litter or litter of your choice). You do have the option of specifying what sex/color you are wanting or "open" to any color/sex. 

      $200 deposit for boxers or  $300 for Olde English Bulldogges is due when placed on waiting list, no matter how far in advance you  choose to be placed on list, you can choose a litter in 2 years if you would like. This portion of deposit than secures you a guarantee pick in order of deposits received.

3. Final amount due when you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks of age. Once puppies are 8 weeks old, and upon pick-up of your puppy, the remainder $1000 is due for boxers and the remaining $1500 due for Olde English Bulldogges, payable ONLY IN CASH  (no checks are ever accepted for pick up). I will not release a puppy to ANYONE unless you pay in cash-NO exceptions. (sorry bad experiences ruined it for everyone else in the future). 

4. TO PLACE DEPOSIT YOU MUST EMAIL US WHY YOU FEEL YOU FEEL YOU WOULD MAKE A GREAT DAYZEE MAE BOXER OR BALOR'S BULLDOGGE FAMILY.  PLEASE indicate IF you are ready to place deposit or if YOU JUST HAVE QUESTIONS, I will then email a  the deposit form and a link to pay the deposit securely via debit/credit card or preferred is VENMO. PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WISH TO USE VENMO, or if you want us to send you an invoice to pay securely with your debit/credit card. You would then complete the deposit form and email back to us and once deposit payment received, we will sign and return a copy to you for your records and then keep you updated. 

*****What happens if there are too many people that have deposits placed and not enough puppies or there is not a puppy that I like from the litter once born (because no one can control mother nature), or a momma does not take and does not get pregnant, or no living puppies are born?*****

Here is an example:
I have 6 people that have placed deposits, female only has 4 puppies, the next two people automatically move to our next available litter. If there is not a puppy that you like out of the next litter you are waiting for then you move to the very next litter, and so on until you get the puppy you are wanting. TO REITERATE: If you would choose not to wait, the $300 for OEB's or $200 for Boxers deposit is non-refundable, please DO NOT ask if we make exceptions to this as we DO NOT under any circumstance, we will however keep your name and await YOU to reach out to us when you are ready, even if it is 5 years down the road, you would NOT need another deposit to be placed on waiting list. You can choose to forfeit your deposit, and if this is the case, I will send you a forfeiture contract stating that you understand you LOSE your deposit and if you reach out in the future you WILL need to place a new deposit. 

Hope that all makes sense :) if not please ask and I will try to clarify.

I do accept people for waiting list as far in advance as you are willing to wait. 
I have sooooo many people wanting puppies, and it is not because I advertise
 because I DO NOT!



Ask any Dayzee Mae Boxer puppy/dog owner. 

I love all the dogs/puppies for life!


All boxer puppies are $1200 ($200 deposit, $1000 due at 8 week old pick up). 

All Olde English Bulldogge puppies are $1800 ($300 deposit, $1500 due at 8 week old pick up) ​ 

Discount provided if you are a prior Dayzee Mae Boxers or Balor's Bulldogge owner ON OEB puppies only (Deposit $300, and $1200 due at 8 week old pickup)