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Adult Boxers Available for Adoption 
(None available at this time)

 Adoption Process/Requirements


1. You will email us with your desired interest.

2. We will email you an application for you to complete, in which you will be required to submit vet reference and personal references. Once we process your application, we will then schedule a meet and greet here at Dayzee Mae Boxers to see if it is a good fit. 

3. ALL adults must go to a home where they will be the ONLY dogNO other dogs, or  CATS or other animals (unless you have a puppy). This is simply to ensure their success in new home. THEY MUST BE ONLY AN INSIDE DOG! NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS! You must have a fenced yard, or the ability to walk them multiple times per day.

4. ALL adults will be required to have spay/neuter completed within 30 days of adoption.

5. Fee- No fee to approved home (the fee you pay is having the dog spayed/neutered within 30 days and proof of spay/neuter is required to be provided to us and if not provided within this time frame, then adoption will be revoked and dog will be returned to us immediately). 

6. No registration is provided. So all adults come unregistered to their new owners.

7. Required to return adult at any point in their life should you not be able to maintain ownership back to Dayzee Mae Boxers. You will not rehome at any point to anyone else. 

8. When it comes time for end of life, you will notify us and allow us the opportunity to visit them prior to you making the hard decision to euthanize (or if the become extremely ill). We will always love these Boxers, and have had them since puppies, so are hearts are always with them.  

The application will in more detail explain any/all requirements, references etc.